Commercial Heating.

Our services benefit the commercial sector more than any other. Hangers, warehouses, offices, workshops, pubs and clubs… we can handle areas of any shape and size, and the bigger the space the better, as that’s what we specialise in.

Heating commercial buildings that may be poorly insulated, intermittently used or that have unusually large open spaces is what we do best, so whatever your building requires our free design survey will offer you the best solution to your heating challenges.


Listed below are some of the products that EHS can offer

  • Electric Heating Solutions infrared focused optical heating range
  • Energy efficient radiators
  • Over-door air curtains
  • Electric chandeliers, with heating and lighting
  • A comprehensive range of electric panel heaters including low surface (43c) suitable for school and elderly care homes
  • Eco thermostats / time control

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