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Energy Efficient Radiators.

Depending on the requirements and controls we can specify a job to suit using our range of Energy Efficient Radiators. The range of heaters that we provide combines renowned heating hardware, offering a modern design, efficient heating and an option of a state of the art electric thermostat and timer all in one unit.

With storage heaters no longer available, energy efficient radiators are fast becoming the No 1 choice for low cost electric heating.

To achieve most Energy Savings Electric Heating Solutions have advised on how a heating system should be installed to achieve maximum heat at minimum cost.

When compared to storage heating the average building can expect savings between 10% - 30% on their energy bill. This is achieved in several ways which are listed below:

  • Individual and independent control of each radiator. Allowing for radiators to be set at different temperatures for each room and for different times to suit the building requirements.
  • Electric Heating Solutions radiators only use energy when the ambient temperature is lower than the thermostat setting. 
  • No requirement for supplementary heating on cold winter days which when on the E7 tariff is substantially higher than standard tariff.
  • No wastage of energy, for example charging up overnight and not needing the heat the following day.
  • Energy efficient state of the art digital thermostat.


  • User friendly thermostat
  • Lighted operation switch
  • Constructed with the highest quality aluminum, complete with a modern white epoxy finish.
  • Thermal fluid technology
  • Requires no maintenance
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Safety heat limiter
  • Supplied with wall bracket kit
  • LED Temperature display
  • Low installation costs, easy to install design that requires no pipes, plumbing or boilers

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