The visual impact has been welcomed; an enhancement to the fairly austere interior has been the common response. The chandeliers look attractive and the heaters within them are not noticed, except by those who look for them. We have come through an exceptionally cold winter and have found the heating has met our needs perfectly. Those members of the congregation who had some reservations about the installation have been entirely won over. In short we are entirely satisfied, for us it’s been a job well done and an excellent result. I’m very grateful to the team at Electric Heating Solutions for all their help.

Canon Christopher Ivory King’s Lynn, Minster

St Margarets, Kings Lynn


Finding ourselves in the position of having to replace heating and lighting in our Church, we were introduced to Electric Heatings Solutions UK Ltd. We chose their chandelier system, with heating and lighting combined - a bold decision as we had not seen an example - but we felt this system would be aesthetically more pleasing on the eye and less wiring to cause problems. We 'switched on' at our Crib Service on Christmas Eve - everyone was delighted with the overall appearance and effectiveness and hopefully with resultant lowering of electricity costs.

Ruth Davies, Church Warden

St Mary’s Llanfair Waterdine


The pew heaters are unobtrusive and high level heaters blend into the existing structure and display a soft glow red light which adds to the general ambience and comfort of the worshippers. We find that this system is an economical way to heat a church building, particularly with a large volume of space.  We also anticipate a reduction in our heating bills as we have replaced an obsolete and expensive-to-run tubular heating system. John Francis’s advice and delivery has been excellent and value for money.  I have no hesitation in recommending EHS services to any other church.

Peter Ferguson, Church Warden

St Mary’s Whitchurch on Thames


The light and heat in the Nave from the new chandeliers is far better than we have had in the past and people are unbuttoning their coats. Everyone has been very impressed with the look of the new lights in the Nave as well as the warmth they give us. We were able to have a children's holiday club the Saturday before Christmas and it was nice and warm in the south aisle. Also after a service when we have teas people stand and hang about as they do in the summer. The heaters have meant that for the first time we can have a shrove Tuesday pancake party and then every Tuesday during lent a lenten lunch has been excellent, helpful and friendly.

Alan Sherfield, Church Warden

Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene


We have now had a winter after the installation and the whole congregation is very happy with the new heating system. It is unobtrusive, silent, and very efficient. It is also very important that individual pews can be turned off as some of the congregation get too hot! The treasurer is also very happy as the running costs are considerably less than the old system.

Humphrey Spaight, Treasurer

All Saints Church, Hannington


The Chandelier heaters, eight in, all are positioned to give an even spread of heat throughout the Nave and the Aisles. In addition to the ‘Chandelier’ heaters we have under pew heaters in the choir stalls in the Chancel.
Our old, now defunct, Church heating was by a wet system with a gas boiler and 12 cast iron column radiators. A very inadequate scheme which cost about £1000.00 a year more to heat than with the new system. If the outside temperature was zero or below we never obtained more than 55 degrees F – 16 degrees C.even when the boiler was left on overnight.
The new scheme saves approximately 80% carbon footprint on the original wet system heating scheme

Geoff Tomlinson, Assistant Church Warden

Saint Mary the Virgin, Potton


The installation was quick and easy and done with the minimum amount of fuss. The work area was kept clean as they installed the heaters and at the end, the Church was cleaner than when they started.
There was an instant response from the congregation all complimentary and I do feel our numbers have increased during the winter months. Our heating costs have also been reduced yet we are all warmer

Jonathan Newell, Churchwarden

St Andrews, Rippingale


We are very pleased with our new under pew heaters. It means that our congregation is no longer sitting on cold damp pews and can focus on the service rather than trying to keep warm! The installation was carried out in a professional and competent manner and the wiring was routed discretely so that very little of the new cabling is visible.

John Fuller

St Mary's Church, Alderbury


The congregation of St Mary the Virgin, High Hesket have greatly benefited from the new electric under-pew heaters installed by EHS. They work very well in keeping the congregation warm, and have the real advantage of heating up quickly and being exceptionally simple to switch on and off. The installation process undertaken by EHS was efficient and tidy, and I would have no hesitation is recommending the system for use in a church where heat is required simply for weekly Sunday services and occasional offices.

Philip Dorling, Rector

St Mary the Virgin, High Hesket