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Electric Heating Solutions works with various heating control specialist that provide a wide range of economic energy saving control systems. The range includes electric, PIR detection technology, underfloor heating, conventional radiators and renewable energy systems.

We offer smart controls that can help reduce your energy usage whilst increasing comfort, some of our control systems can be used on your SmartPhone allowing you to turn your heating down when you leave the premises and have it cozy and warm for when you require.


  • Wireless thermostats
  • App control functions
  • Surface mounted
  • Digital displays
  • Setback functions
  • Dial Locking
  • Energy saving
  • Timers
  • 7 Day programming
  • Holiday function
  • Key lock function
  • Mains powered
  • Battery powered

Benefits listed above are a broad range of benefits for controls, contact us for information on the best solution for you.
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